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Regional Trainings

Undercover Social Media Investigations
Ames, IA  -  June 24-25, 2024

This 2-day course teaches law enforcement professionals how to actively engage and investigate individuals utilizing social media as a means to commit criminal activity. Yellowstone Narcotics instructors were the very first individuals in Montana to utilize this technique for drug investigations at the state level. Our instructors have developed these techniques over the past five years and now instruct this course in multiple states. Our investigative methods are proven to be legal, effective, and simple to understand.

Students can expect to leave this course and be fully capable of employing these techniques immediately upon graduation. In this course, you will learn how to set up undercover accounts online, best practices, legal issues, and be provided multiple real life case examples of previous investigations. If you are not currently operating online, our course will teach you why you should be. This course has previously been presented to the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation, Idaho State Police, North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations, and the Montana Narcotics Officers Association.

Technology in Today's Investigations
Ames, IA  -  June 26-27, 2024

From Snapchat to Cash App, and everything in between, this course ensures our law enforcement is up to date with today’s trends and technologies. This course teaches an overview of how to submit search warrants to various private companies, provides a basic understanding of crypto currencies and the dark web, and introduces students to various law enforcement resources and technologies available. Attendees will learn the difference between WhatsApp and Signal, how phone pings work and assist in law enforcement investigations, and even obtain knowledge of credit card fraud schemes and methods of investigation. Students will also be provided with tools to assist them in investigations long after leaving this course to include ways of identifying suspects associated with unknown phone numbers and law enforcement portals that will aid in writing search warrants for social media entities. Yellowstone Narcotics will also teach students what information can be obtained from cell phone companies, how they differ, and the proper verbage needed in search warrants to obtain the requested information. This course is a must have for any investigator or patrol officer looking to take their skills to the next level.

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